2F, 1M, 1 Gender-Neutral, 1 Non-Binary

2F, 1M, 1 Gender-Neutral, 1 Non-Binary

The Voyager

In this Coming-of-Age story, the personification of Voyager 1&2, VEE, learns what it means to grow up when your family is present and supportive, but are millions of miles away and only able to connect via phone-calls. In learning how to deal with panic, abandonment, and fear; VEE learns more about what it means to be Human and how important that is to the universe we live in.


  • Multiple readings at Towson Theatre Lab in the spring of 2018

  • Staged Reading at Towson University’s Wright-hard Play-hard: New Play Festival on May 9th, 2018

  • On October 3-6 of 2018, The Voyager received a Workshop Production at Towson University, as part of their Student Studio Projects.

1 Character, 3 voices

1 Character, 3 voices


An epic poem of a Celt, SIGRASKA, finding themselves in a Strange Norse Land and being hunted by the creatures HELRAVN and FENRIR. In their attempts to fight back, SIGRASKA not only brings on Ragnarök, but learns how to gain power over their demons.


  • Ragnarök received a workshop reading on November 1st, 2018 at Towson University’s Theatre Lab

  • In the process of being adapted to a graphic novel/illustrated poem