Jacob Zeranko


What’s up! My name is Jacob Zeranko and I’m an Actor, Playwright, and Producer based in NYC.


Based out of New York City, I am originally from Baltimore, MD. I graduated from Towson University in May 2019 with a BFA in Acting; as well as experience in playwrighting, producing, teaching, and working in artistic administration. Outside of Towson, I have had the pleasure of working with various theatres around Baltimore and as an Apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

I’d like for this website to not just be a showcase of photos and “look at what I’ve done!”, but a place for me to truly share who I am and how I work through blog posts, videos, social media, etc.


My story is not complete without pieces from the people who kept it going.

- Caroline Kaufman


What better way to start knowing someone, than to know their other hobbies? I am passionate about playing and creating music and have been since I was 6 years old. Like everyone, I enjoy listening to artists of every genre (yes, including country); however, I am particularly fond of Progressive Metal and bands like Periphery. I’m a huge fan of comic books and know far too much trivia about mainstream and indie comics. I am obsessed with science and physics, initially wanting to pursue that career path before falling into theatre. And finally, I’m a fitness and nutrition buff that enjoys weight training, gymnastics, parkour, and martial arts.

With all that said, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my website and I hope you have fun exploring and getting to know me a bit better!

- Jacob